Busan Airport Informational Guide to Gimhae International Airport (PUS) - Non Official

Busan Airport Metro

From Busan Airport passengers can take the metro to the city centre, since travel time to Busan city centre is about 60 minutes.

How to go to city centre? 

In both Domestic and International Terminals, passengers should take the Light Rail to Sasang Station or Daejeo Station to transfer to subway lines 2 and 3.

Transfer time to both stations by Light Rail is 15 minutes.


See the metro schedule according to each line:

Line 2 (Green Line) Yangsan through Jangsan

From Sasang Station.

Weekday: From 05:04 am to 11:11 pm.

Saturday: From 05:04 am to 11:11 pm.

Sunday: From 05:40 am to 11:11 pm.

Line 3 (Brown Line) Daejeo through Suyeong

From Daejeo Station.

Weekday: From 05:56 am to 00:38 am.

Saturday: From 05:56 am to 00:38 am.

Sunday: From 05:56 am to 00:38 am.

Please note that frequencies may vary according to the day of the week.


Traffic card

1 section: 1,300 won (adult), 1,050 won (adolescent), 650 won (child).

2 sections: 1,500 won (adult), 1,200 won (adolescent), 750 won (child).

Paper boarding card

1 section: 1,400 won (adult), 1,150 won (adolescent), 700 won (child).

2 sections: 1,600 won (adult), 1,300 won (adolescent), 800 won (child).

For more information, please check Busan Metro website.